Are your drones secure?
Or are you UNSURE?

Vulnerable drones expose your fleet, your missions and your business to risk.

we are ANT

For many, the future holds promise of busy worker bots efficiently conducting a million-and-one valuable missions.

But every mission brings opportunities for subversion. And system vulnerabilities are seldom exposed in a pleasant and cost-free way.

If you’re not prepared for Denial of Service attacks, Man-in-the-Middle situations, GPS spoofing redirects, or one of far too many other possible hacks of your drone’s systems, then you either don’t sleep well … or you’re sleeping better than you should.

ANT-Global wants to help you sleep better. ANT-Global is Drone Security.

We Are Global

Much as the sky knows no limit, the worldwide opportunities for drone-enabled businesses are profound. With an international outlook and experience, a team spanning 5 countries around the world and a growing online community numbering in the hundreds of thousands, ANT-Global is uniquely positioned to bring the benefits of UAV security to a global audience.

Whether you’re growing around the block or a world away, ANT-Global’s cloud-based solutions are built to scale with your own go-anywhere business.

  • Connect

    Secure operations start with secure skies. Our drone-enabled future will see millions of UAVs, performing millions of missions, while running countless apps. Join the ANT-Global community to integrate your UAV fleet with this ever-expanding ecosystem of networked devices.

  • Secure

    Data security, information security, communications security, device security, mission security and more. Protect your company’s assets from remote attacks and environmental hazards.

  • Control

    Plan, deploy and track missions with confidence and security. Manage team roles and permissions. Monitor status for device fleets of any size.

join the collective

The Queen ANT needs more slaves. You can’t beat our robot overlords…so come join us.

This team member requires the following hard skills:

  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent of 3-5 dedicated coding and delivering work experience
  • NodeJS, PostgreSQL, Express.js, HADOOP
  • Angular or similar MV* framework
  • ROS (Robot Operating System), OpenDrone, PX4 Pro, DJI SDKs, Drone Firmware

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Coding, testing and delivering products to meet specific QA criteria
  • Estimating scopes and schedules for development, testing and release planning
  • Creating detailed technical design documents
  • Designing workflows end-to-end (database to user interface)
  • Establishing and following standards for test-driven product development
  • Project management in an Agile environment (using JIRA)
  • Establishing precise and detailed QA standards
  • Assisting and managing product implementations
  • Performing code reviews with other team members
  • Creatively tackling new and unique problems for which solutions have not yet been established
  • Conceptualizing and producing intuitive and user-friendly interfaces

The ideal candidate has:

  • A track record of delivering and releasing quality software in a distributed team model
  • Expertise in cloud services, designs and trends.
  • Minimum 3 years in an engineering role/lead developing modern applications (apps, databases, middle tier
  • Ability to apply object-oriented design principles in practice
  • Experience with coordinating and ensuring timely delivery on projects across multiple teams and time zones
  • Experience in product development and agile development processes.
  • Strong design and development skills with large databases and SQL
  • Have experience with high scalability systems including n tier applications
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to mentor team members

Please contact us with your background and CV/resume at: